Single/Double Sided PCBs

Single-sided PCBs come with a layer of conductive material on one side of the board and SMT capabilities on the other. This type of board provides good mechanical strength and a variety of pads and traces to allow for a wide range of electronic components to be applied.

Double-sided PCBs are widely used throughout the electronics industry. By utilizing through holes and vias, we can double trace and pad capabilities as well as assemble components to both sides of the board. The two sides of the boards are connected by plating the vias.

Whatever your requirements are, Circuitronix engineers can design a board to meet your needs. We utilize industry standard materials and surface finishes providing best-in-class quality at highly competitive prices.


  • Economical
  • Flexibility in punching, scoring, and routing
  • Applications include calculators, printers, LED lighting, relays, and more
Layer Count / Technology1L / 2L
Thickness Range0.5 – 2.4 mm
MaterialsFR4, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR1
TemperatureFrom 90 ℃ thru 210 ℃
Copper Thickness18µm / 35µm / 70µm / 105µm / 140µm
Copper Plating Holes20µm ( 25µm )
Line / Spacing100µm / 100µm
Soldermask ColorGreen / White / Black / Red / Blue
SurfacesHASL, Lead free HASL, Imm Silver, Imm Gold, Flash Gold, Carbon/Silver Printing , High Temp. OSP, Imm Tin