Multilayer PCBs

  • Multilayer PCBs are made up of four or more conductive copper foil layers
  • We manufacture multilayer PCBs up to 22 layers
  • Multilayer PCBs are used in the products where a heavy concentration of components is required. Industries like: medical, automotive, test and measurement, industrial controls, consumer electronics, health and fitness, building automation and many more.
  • All industry-wide used surface finishes are available at Circuitronix
Layer Count4 to 22 Layer
Thickness Range0.5 – 2.4 mm
TemperatureFrom 90 ℃ thru 210 ℃
Copper Thickness18µm / 35µm / 70µm / 105µm / 140µm
Copper Plating Holes20µm ( 25µm )
Min. Line / Spacing100µm / 100µm
Soldermask ColorGreen / White / Black / Red / Blue
SurfacesHASL, Lead-free HASL, Imm Silver, Imm Gold, Flash Gold, Carbon/Silver Printing, High Temp. OSP, Imm Tin