HDI (High Density Interconnect)

HDI PCBs Provide More Functionality in Compact Areas

HDI is one of the fastest growing technologies in the PCBs industry. HDIs use a combination of blind and buried vias and microvias in a compact space.


Benefits of HDI PCBs:

  • Improved electrical performance with lower power consumption thereby improving signal performance
  • HDI boards are smaller in size than traditional boards while providing more functionality.
  • Circuitronix offers a variety of filled microvias
  • Circutronix’s in house surface finishing supports all industry-wide surfaces finishes for HDI boards
ItemDescriptionCommon CapabilityAdvance Capability
1Laser drill hole Diameter for micro via0.004″(0.102mm)0.003″ (0.075mm)
2Stacked and deep micro vias0.004″(0.102mm)0.003″ (0.075mm)
3Via in padYESYES
4Micro Via pad size0.012″(0.30mm)0.010″(0.25mm)
5Dielectric thickness for Laser via0.003″ (0.075mm)0.002″(0.05mm)
6Micro Via Pitch0.016″(40mm)0.014″(0.35mm)
7Buried Hole Size0.008″(0.20mm)0.006″(0.15mm)
8Buried Hole Pad Size0.020″(0.50mm)0.018″(0.45mm)
9Inner Layer Trace Width0.004″(0.10mm)0.003″(0.075mm)
10Inner Layer Trace Spacing0.004″(0.10mm)0.003″(0.075mm)
11Outer Layer Trace Width0.004″(0.10mm)0.003″(0.075mm)
12Outer Layer Trace Spacing0.004″(0.10mm)0.003″(0.075mm)