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Circuitronix specializes in manufacture and distribution of printed circuit boards for a variety of applications, including – automotive, industrial, lighting, security systems, and other niche application areas. Utilizing state-of-the-art factories in South China Guangdong Province, dedicated manufacturing units build single sided, double-sided, and multi-layer printed circuit boards (of up to 22 layers). In addition to rigid boards, Circuitronix fabricates flexible printed circuit boards, rigid-flex boards, and metal clad circuit boards. All boards are built to global quality standards, such as ISO & TS.


With over  3000 skilled technicians and associate worldwide – based in USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, and Philippines – Circuitronix caters to 99% of PCB technologies commercially available.





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© Circuitronix 2013

© Circuitronix 2013